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Every With Way 2 Season Episode 8

Every With Way 2 Season Episode 8
After she refuses to break up with Daniel, Agamemnon sends Emma, along with Andi, to Siberia to teach her a lesson. Later, Emma realizes that Agamemnon has been casting spells on her to make her act crazy around Daniel so she won't want to be around him. Jax knocks over the trophy case making Principal Alonso think Daniel did it and forces him to join the school play. When Daniel shows up at Emma's house, Jax and Andi reverse the spell just in time for Emma to not make a fool out of herself again. Andi says how Jax might not be so bad, after he cheated at the swim competition, since he helped Emma out. Katie and Sophie are tired of Diego stealing Maddie's attention. Maddie asks Diego how she can find out if Emma has her powers back. Maddie then plans a slumber party to lure Emma to her house so they can "push" her into casting a spell. Sophie learns that Maddie's mom has Maddie's powers but Ursula tells her not to tell anyone.

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