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Every With Way 2 Season Episode 5

Episode 5 :Jax beats Daniel in the swim race; then Andi confronts him about being a cheat, finding out he is a wizard, and threatens to report him to the Witches' Council. Daniel and Emma get in a huge fight after he accidentally insults Emma about being a witch. The next day, Diego tells Maddie that he forgives her for forcing him to be her proxy, but she laughs saying how she should be the one forgiving him for ditching her. Jax understands that something is wrong between Emma and Daniel, and casts a spell to make Emma fall, but it backfires when Daniel catches her in his arms, and they both immediately apologize to one another. Using the Spell-O-Vision goggles, Andi sees that someone cast a spell on the pie, realizing that is the reason why Francisco is in love with Ursula, and Tommy and Rob are in love with her. Then Emma breaks the spell on her dad, Tommy, and Rob. Desdemona gets a job at the school as the new gym teacher, and tells Emma that she knew her mother and that she helped her during a Fool Moon twenty years ago. Later, Desdemona is affected by the Fool Moon and turns vindictive.

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