jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Every With Way 2 Season Episode 4

Episode 4:Maddie and Emma agree that they need to work together to split their parents up, as they don't want to be sisters. Jax transforms himself into a spider to spy on Emma and Daniel's conversation, learning that Emma has not told Daniel she has her powers back. Jax gets Daniel in trouble by casting a spell to make Daniel's chocolate milk spill all over Mr. Alonso. Emma and Maddie stage a verbal fight over a locker to make their parents life "miserable", but it backfires. Jax shows up offering to help Emma look for clues. While Emma goes to change her clothes, Jax casts a spell on Daniel to get him in more trouble with Mr. Alonso, knowing that Mr. Alonso "doesn't like Daniel at all." Tommy and Rob Miller, Daniel's brothers, eat the same love pie Ursula gave to Francisco, and fall in love with Andi. Diego helps Maddie in everything and Maddie at the same time starts to realize she likes Diego, but they get in a fight after Diego refuses to steal someone's homework for Maddie's benefit. Jax races Daniel for tryouts to be the newest Shark, but Andi sees through Spell-O-Vision goggles that Jax cast a spell to make him swim faster.

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