domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

Every With Way 2 Season Episode 1

It's the second year of high school and Emma must to keep her powers secret from Daniel, who thinks she doesn't have them anymore. Meanwhile, a new student/wizard named Jax Novoa shows up, but when Miss Information puts him on the spot, he becomes the topic of the school. Also, Daniel tries to make things right with Emma's father, but it becomes difficult when the Terrible Three try to get revenge on him. Maddie refuses to go outside without her powers, which have been given to her mother unknowingly. Later, Jax sees Emma talking to Hex when it floated out of her locker. Also, Lily tells Emma that she cannot date Daniel anymore and the Witches' Council shows up when Andi tries to break into the secret portal (locker).

Every With Way 2 Season Episode 1  Jax Of hearts
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